As I’m working and sweating in my garden this afternoon pulling out weeds God begins to speak. The first picture is a pile of weeds I’ve had to pull out of my rose garden. It wasn’t until I kept pulling and digging out weeds that I found the source….the root! One root!! One root created all these weeds?. There was so many weeds entangled with my rose bush that I had to find the rose vine first and then be careful not to harm the vine while pulling and cutting weeds. God begin to remind me that our Christian life is the same way. Some of us are so entangled in weeds that the beauty of the vine can no longer be seen. But in order to rid ourself of the weeds we have to find the root and dig it out. I’ve heard my pastor say this many times. We have to deal with the root!!! Until the root is gone; the weeds will continue to grow. But we have to remember the weeds are entangled with the beautiful things of the garden. Be careful how you dismantle the weeds and dig out the root. Ask for Gods hand, guidance, and strength. But until the root is gone nothing will change. Dealing with deep rooted issues is not easy. Just like digging this root out of my garden took hard work and sweat dealing with issues in our life like fear, rejection, betrayal, bitterness, and tons of other things is very difficult but worth it.


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