Here are some questions and answers that will hopefully make your first visits to our church more enjoyable.

  • Do you have a place for first-time visitors to check in?
    Our church has a feel of family, so if it’s your first time visiting with us our greeters will realize that you’re “new”, and they will make sure you’re made to feel welcome. They’ll introduce themselves, find out a little about you, and make sure that you’re introduced to some of the other members, who will also help make sure you and your family get where they need to be. We do have visitor packets that will tell you about our different classes, ministries and outreach opportunities.
  • What kinds of classes do you have for Sunday School? Where are they located?
    We have classes for all ages: preschool (from the foyer, first classroom down the left hall); children (from the foyer, first classroom down the right hall), youth (from the foyer, second classroom down the right hall) and adults (all ages – from the foyer, straight down the right hall).  Preschool, children and youth classes use curriculum from the Assemblies of God national site; the adult class does Bible book study in a very relaxed setting. We are currently studying the book of Isaiah, in a discussion-type class. Everyone’s input is encouraged.
  • What about Wednesday nights?
    Rock Central Youth meet in the fellowship hall – from the foyer, down the right hall. RCY welcomes everyone from ages 12 to 25. The adults meet in the sanctuary for Bible study and prayer. We are in the process of setting up Wednesday night classes for children.
  • What’s your dress code?
    You’ll see everything from suits and ties for the guys and dresses and heels for the ladies, all the way to t-shirts and jeans and everything in between. We strive to be like Jesus – and to Him, it’s more important what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside!
  • Where do I park?
    We don’t have assigned parking spaces, so wherever you choose is fine. We do have some handicapped spots at the front doors of the church. However, if you will need help when you arrive, please call us and let us know so we can make sure we meet you in the parking lot for any assistance you need.
  • How will we find where we need to be? Bathrooms, classes, etc?
    Classrooms are down both halls off the foyer; bathrooms are down the right hall, with a water fountain in between. If you have any questions, or can’t find something, any member of the church will be glad to help you. We do have greeters at the front doors who will make sure you’re made welcome and to answer any questions as well.
  • What times are services? How long do they last?
    Sunday School starts at 9:30, and morning worship starts at 10:30- it usually runs until about 12 or 12:15 – but do not follow a strict schedule. Our pastor and worship leaders both work hard to hear from God, and they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. It makes for a very wonderful, Spirit-filled worship service. While it’s enjoyable to us, we know that the worship service is all about Jesus!
    Evening worship starts at 5 and usually runs until about 6:30 or so- again, we follow the leading of the Spirit and do not follow a set sequence.
    Wednesday night services start at 7, and run until about 8.
  • What kind of worship services do you have?
    Our pastor and worship leaders follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, so there is not set sequence of events. We usually open with praise and worship songs (both contemporary and hymns), a time of prayer, a time for tithes and offerings, and then a time to hear from God. Our services operate in the gifts of the Spirit, so we try to stay sensitive to His leading. That may mean a time of prayer with lots of people coming up for prayer; or it may mean that several people give messages in tongues, with interpretation of the messages following; sometimes we simply spend time in praise and worship for the entire service.

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