Annual Crenshaw County swamp supper - a Christian fellowship for men and boys


It's time once again - the 19th annual Crenshaw County swamp supper is coming up. This year the Swamp Supper will be held on February 22nd and the speaker is Buddy Shoemaker(dynamic speaker from Graceville, Florida).

Remember, food will start cooking at 10, so you won't have to be out so early - after all, it's a swamp supper, not breakfast! Remember, the main reason for the swamp supper is to fellowship with other Christian men and boys, and to bring others to know Jesus too- we need to make sure we invite those who need to meet Him, and be ready to be there with them and for them.

The Swamp Supper is held at the Tom Harbin Ag Center, to make things more accessible if we have bad weather- we hope you'll plan on attending. The Ag Center is located on Airport Road, just north of Luverne on Highway 331.

If you need more information, or would like to help with the swamp supper, please contact Steve Defee at 304-0413 or Mike Green at 335-5795.

Here are some pictures from the 2005 swamp supper.

To see pictures taken at the 2004 swamp supper, visit this page.

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Remember, this is always a men-only event - it's totally dedicated to building fun and fellowship between men and boys.

Don't forget to bring some lawn chairs, or plan on standing a long time. And very importantly, don't forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You won't need your coat and tie. We're going to be here, rain or shine!

We've got some comments from guys who've attended in years before. Click here to read them. And if you've attended an earlier swamp supper and you're willing to share your testimony, please click here to send your comments for the website.

To learn more about the menu, please click here.